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Tailored for Excellence in Android Payment Capabilities. Our approach revolutionizes payment API functionality by crafting solutions specifically around Android's unique payment features.

Unified Management for POS & Payments

With SCOTCH., experience the synergy of managing both POS and Payment systems on a single device. Our solutions are designed to be device-independent, ensuring seamless integration across various hardware.

Advanced Android TermAppISO Payment API

Our API is expertly designed to integrate with leading POS solutions such as Micros and Oracle Symphony, enhancing your payment processing capabilities. In addition to these, we proudly cater to a diverse range of bank customers, ensuring our services are as inclusive as they are innovative. Our API is adept at handling card-present transactions, offering a comprehensive payment processing solution.

SCOTCH. Software Suite

The Listener

Advanced Payment Instruction Reception

This innovative feature allows the Listener to remain in a low-power standby mode while still actively monitoring for payment commands from:

•⁠ ⁠Local Applications: It can detect and respond to payment instructions from other apps installed on the same device, ensuring a harmonious and integrated user experience.
•⁠ ⁠Network-Connected Devices: The Listener extends its reach to other apps and devices within the same network, showcasing its ability to operate in a sophisticated, interconnected environment.
•⁠ ⁠Web-Based Sources: Demonstrating true digital agility, the Listener can also receive payment instructions from web-based applications and devices, highlighting its global connectivity and readiness for web-integrated financial transactions.

This versatility not only positions the SCOTCH Listener as a cutting-edge solution in payment processing but also underscores its commitment to providing a flexible, secure, and user-friendly experience in the ever-evolving digital payment landscape.

The Portal & TMS

The Portal empowers Integration Partners with advanced management capabilities, including the monitoring of key APIs, robust terminal management functionalities, and comprehensive user profile management.

Additionally, it facilitates the deployment of settings, ensuring streamlined and efficient operations.


SCOTCH. Pay is a standalone Android-based payment solution designed to handle Card Present transactions through Postilion.

Fully compliant with TermApp.ISO standards, it efficiently processes all standard payment types, ensuring a versatile and secure transaction experience.

Custom Deep Integrations

Specialising in Mobile POS Capability Software, SCOTCH. excels in offering custom deep integration and front-end application solutions for the hospitality, retail, and banking sectors.

These solutions are meticulously designed to provide comprehensive All-in-One (AIO) Mobile POS & Payment Solutions, catering to the diverse and specific needs of these dynamic industries.

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